Kashan Wire Net Industrial Co

History of Kashan Wire Net Co.

Kashan Wire Net was founded in 1987 and began to manufacture various metallic wire net products, notably aluminum mesh (net) in 1992. The facilities are located in a 35000 square meter plant, 12 Km into the Kashan city, near Khozaq, Kashan. Early exploitation, the raw material (wires used to weave nets) was imported; but after a while, in order to enhance the quality and reduce the final cost, it was decided to produce aluminum wires in the factory. Consequently, a bar and rod foundry and drawing sections were added to the factory in 1998.

Currently, major products of the company include: Aluminum alloy bar , rod and wire (5000 series , fine and super-fine aluminum alloy wires, aluminum wire net for doors and windows, and various types of metallic fabrics for industrial and normal application.

Introduction to Kashan Wire Net Factory

The plant includes casting, wire drawing and weaving workshops, storage and packaging, and R&D Center(Research and innovation center , Die Shop , and laboratory).

1. Casting

Continuous casting is adopted as the production method. Three separate furnaces are available in the plant each incorporating 20 output lines with their produced bars collected in coils.  The furnace is fed with aluminum and additives required to create the perfect alloy. Bars are produced in a range of diameters, from 5 to 12 mm. Following a customer-centered principle in respect to customer relationship management, bars with other diameters can also be produced based on the order. After the wire exits the drawing machine, the product is collected as it is twisted around a spool. Depending on the product, alloying elements such as Chromium, Magnesium, Manganese, and Titanium are also fed to the furnace in pure or alloyed form in addition to pure aluminum ingots to make aluminum alloy wires. In this furnace, 5 to 12mm alloy aluminum wires are produced in the form of coils.

2. Drawing

The produced bars are sent to drawing unit to be drawn into the size ordered by the customer. Thickness of the wire is reduced, and its length is increased as it passes through a number of dies. The drawing dies used in the plant are acquired from well-known companies such as Steves, Fort Wayne Wire Die and Wirex. The drawing unit includes four different sectors: Heavy drawing, Medium Drawing, Fine Drawing, and Super-Fine Drawing.

2.1.Heavy Drawing 5-12 mm rods are drawn in this sector to make 3 mm wire.

2.2.Medium Drawing The output of Heavy Drawing sector is drawn here to achieve 0.95 mm wires.

2.3.Fine Drawing The output of Medium Drawing sector is re-drawn to make 0.20 mm wires.

2.4.Super-Fine Drawing The wire produced by Fine Drawing sector is further drawn to at least 10 mm.

During the drawing process, work hardening and required heat treatments (annealing) are performed to achieve desirable mechanical properties. The factory has three annealing furnaces with a capacity of 1 ton, that are made with domestic, high-precision technology. Drawing on scientific and experimental studies, effective arrangements have been made by the research center of the company for determining the elongation of drawing machines, since the machines did not offer clear recommendations in this regard and all the other domestic producers used pure aluminum wire drawing machines.

3. Net Weaving


A large part of the produced aluminum wires is in the range of 0.25-0.27 mm thickness and are used to produce aluminum (meshes)nets.  The plant incorporates weaving machines that are capable of making fabrics with 60, 70, 80, 100, 120, 150, and 160 cm widths. It should be noted that the German-made weaving machines incorporated in the factory are capable of weaving copper, steel, galvanized and other types of nets as ordered by the customer.


The 400m long meshes(nets) produced by weaving machines enter the cleaning area to be degreased and are continuously cleaned for three times in the dedicated line.


 After being fully degreased, the Meshes(Nets) are transported to packaging unit. In this sector, mesh(net) are cut into 30m long pieces with each roll being packed in a box. Meshes(Nets )are graded at this stage.

4. Packaging and Types of Wires

Wires with thickness up to 2.8 mm are offered to customers as twisted around plastic, metallic or wooden spools, while wires of larger thickness are supplied in coils. Wires are also degreased on the customer’s demand.

5. Research and Innovation Center

Market demand and the competitive environment along with our dedication to customer-centered service, have made us particularly attentive to research and innovation. Currently the center includes the R&D division , Die Shop unit , and the technical laboratory. Necessary tests are performed on the raw material and products are certified on customer’s demand. The Laboratory, being a part of the R&D unit, includes: 1) Wet chemistry lab, 2) Mechanical properties lab, 3) Metallography and specimen preparation lab, and 4) Material analysis lab Considering the importance of knowledge and technology in development of products, this unit regularly adjusts itself to the latest knowledge and provides services to all industrial and educational centers in the region.

  • Management Strategy

Kashan Wire Net Co. as the first and the exclusive manufacturer of super-fine aluminum alloy wires with minimum diameter of 0.1 mm, aluminum wire (mesh)net, and various types of aluminum alloy wires especially 5000 series, drawing on its efficient management system, professional staff, and benefiting from the advanced technical knowledge, high quality raw material, modern machinery and the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies, aims to manufacture products that are compliant with international standards

On-time delivery of high-quality products with competitive price, and satisfaction of our customers are the goals of our company. Furthermore, continuous improvement of quality has always been a policy of Kashan Wire Net Co.

Efficient consumption of resources, reduction of environmental pollutants and reduced energy consumption are also of concern to the company.

  • Products

Aluminum Wire Mesh(Net)

 The aluminum wire nets produced by Kashan Wire Net Co. have the following characteristics:

  • Aluminum Wire net / mesh / insect screening with 16x18 mm mesh size (number of openings in in2)
  • Aluminum Wire net / mesh / insect screening with 28x28 mm mesh size (number of openings in in2)

These nets are supplied in rolls of 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 150 and 160 widths and 30 m long. Other nets with different mesh sizes, such as 20x20 or 16x18, and based on different metals are also produced on customer’s demand.

Bars,Rods and wires 

Bars, and wires produced by Kashan Wire Net Co. are made of various aluminum alloys, notably 5050, 5052 and 5252, with diameters ranging from 0.01 to 12 mm.

  • Applications for pure aluminum and alloy bars and wires produced by Kashan Wire Net Co.

The following can be named as applications of pure aluminum and alloy bars and wires:

  • Production of various types of armors and fixtures
  • Production of shields and cables, especially coaxial cables 
  • Food packaging, notably for protein products
  • Production of aluminum nails and rivets
  • Production of aluminum welding wires and electrodes
  •  Metallizing plastic and nylon sheets used in packaging for chocolate, butter, protein products, ice cream cake and confectionary.